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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

How often do we live, regretting the decisions we've made and worrying over the ones we need to make.

This term we'll be looking at how to live a "healthy, wealthy, wise" life by making good decisions.

We all have decisions to make every day. Maybe you're facing a big one right now.

Maybe it's a decision about a family member or what car or computer to buy.

Whether it's buying a pet or facing a change of address, God wants to help us make the right decision.

His Word has plenty of  wisdom to help us decide confidently.

He knows exactly which direction you should take and wants to lead you in your thinking.

Topics This Term:

July 16 - The Healthy Mind - Speaker Dee


July 23 - Raising Spiritually Wealthy kids - Rev Trent

July 30 - Making Wise Choices - Debbie G

Aug 6 - Healthy Attitude to Disabilities - Anna G

Aug 13 - How To Have  A Rich Prayer Life - Debbie B

Aug 20 - Wise Words - Debbie G

Aug 27 - Healthy Ways to Deal With Anxiety - Rev Tony

Sept 3 - Wealthy On A Shoestring - Heather J

Sept 10 - Wisdom in Dealing With Change - Holly

Sept 17 - Healthy Wealthy & Wise Women- The Panel