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Girls With Swords: A Study on the power of God's Word in our lives...


Week 1: You Are A Target

Whether we realise it or not, there is an epic spiritual battle taking place just above our heads.  And we are the targets.
This week, Lisa Bevere presented us with the idea that as soon as we become a Christian (that is, when we are anointed by God), we become a target of the enemy, Satan.  Genesis 3 tells us that being women, we are an even more specific target of Satan’s hatred and hostility.

Satan’s aim is to distract us from our purpose of being in relationship with God and instead lure us onto a course of eternal devastation.  He uses cunning tactics of oppression, distraction and destruction to attack.  He has our names and knows how strong we can be as a daughter of God…. and never before has he felt so threatened.  In fact, he is enraged and fears his demise.

So what do we do?

We choose to be heroes. We go to battle.  We arm ourselves with the ultimate weapon that cannot ever be defeated by any of Satan’s schemes…

God’s Word / God’s Sword.

We need to constantly live in the presence of our God Most High through prayer and reading His Word, so we can hear His voice and know His perfect plan for us.

God’s Word is our sword, our weapon of choice that cannot be broken.  When we are armed and empowered by God through His Spirit, we are a strong force.

So as this epic spiritual battle just above our heads continues, let’s choose to be heroes.
Let’s be armed and ready for battle with the ultimate weapon, God’s Word / God’s Sword.


Week 2: A Sword Is Born

God’s Word / God’s Sword.   This week Lisa showed us that God’s Word IS God’s Sword.  Ephesians 6 tells us that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.

So why a sword?  A sword was first born out of heaven in response to the first ever act of sin and disobedience to God.  Genesis 3 says that God cast out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed “cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life”.  Flash forward to Revelation 19 and we learn about the Rider on the White Horse who “out of his mouth comes a sharp sword to strike down the nations”.  Human history begins and ends with a sword.

It’s by God’s Word / God’s Sword that we must live.  God has entrusted us with a very powerful, eternal and living weapon…. His Word.  Everything we need for this life can be found in His Word.  It is our weapon of attack and defence.  It is everything and can sustain us through anything.

With relentless spiritual battle surrounding us, we need to be armed and ready.  We need the truth of God’s Word to remind us of Jesus’ promise “I am with you always”.  It is this truth that we cling to in all circumstances of our lives.  We do not fight alone.  We stand united with Christ in battle, always.
Satan will try to manipulate and sway us from God’s truth – filling our minds with lies and deception.  But as he does, we will be ready.

We will be armed with God’s Word / God’s Sword.  We will live by the sword of truth in the light of our God and Saviour, who will reign victorious forever.  Amen!

Week 3: Heroes & Battlegrounds

So far, we’ve learnt that we are a target and we need a sword as our weapon of choice.  Now, how do we become a hero?

You may think that you are a nobody but the truth is that you are a somebody.  You are an anointed daughter of God.  You have His Spirit living inside of you.  He chose you before He even created the earth.  He always had you (specifically you) as part of His plan before humankind began.  His purpose for you is to make you into a hero.

We become a hero whenwe live by faith and draw life from the Word of God. 

Give God permission to make you into a hero and allow Him to rule over your heart and mind everyday, regardless of your circumstances.  2 Corinthians 4:18 tells us to “fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal”.  Living by the unseen, is living by faith. 

So if it’s by faith that we become heroes, how do we get faith?

1. Receive what God has done for you and keep living in obedience to God.

2. Please God by living in complete faith and trust in Him.

3. Bless your descendents by choosing a life of obedience as your legacy.

4. Choose to live as stranger in this land and know that we are not of this world – we are citizens of heaven just passing through.

Let’s not just read about the heroes of faith, let’s be real heroes of faith.

Let’s be courageous and step out with confidence and trust in our Creator, knowing that this is His purpose for us….to be heroes who live by faith, not sight.

So today, bravely turn your face to heaven and let the enemy see the face of a hero.


Week 4: The Cross As A Sword

What does the cross mean to you?  Love, grace, mercy, compassion, salvation, forgiveness, sacrifice, redemption, reconciliation.  The cross is all those things and more. 

The cross of our Lord and Saviour is the most powerful, eternal, indestructible weapon ever.

This week, Lisa had us imagine a wooden cross that once was a beautiful living tree, full of life.  This tree was then fashioned into an instrument of death - a cross.  And when erected, the cross looks just like a sword with it’s point in the ground.  Can you picture it?

Now picture Jesus on that cross. 

Through the death of God’s perfect and sinless Son, Jesus, He has used the cross as a sword to kill the hostility between God and man, reconciling us back to Him for eternity. 

It’s breathtaking that our sovereign God who always has a perfect plan, uses a symbol of death (the cross) to bring eternal life to all who believe in Him.  So that now, the cross is the tree of life.

The cross is God’s Word / God’s Sword boldly standing point in the ground, declaring that we belong to Him for eternity.

The truth is that we died with Jesus on that cross.  And we are born again so that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, now lives in us making us one with Christ forever. 

So today, let the cross be your tree of life…


Week 5: Forging Warriors & Swords

Being a warrior is a way of life… someone who lives by honour and focuses on what is unseen and eternal. 

You probably don’t realise it, but God is shaping and moulding you into a warrior.  He is working His purpose for you through suffering, trials and hardship to grow your strength, courage and faith in Him, all the while tempering you into a fierce warrior. 

God forged a warrior in David through his humble role as a shepherd boy.  David fearlessly fought off lions and bears to protect his sheep and was not willing to lose one single sheep in his care.  God was tempering David’s heart, growing him into a warrior and preparing him for greater battles to come. 

David then goes on to famously defeat Goliath and the Philistines.  He does so with integrity, honour and courage in true warrior style.  Perhaps the result would have been different if David hadn’t faced those private battles as a shepherd boy. 

God is working in us, the same way he worked in David.  We can be that bold and courageous too because we have the same Spirit living inside of us.  And just like God did for David, He will also give us a warrior heart, if we are willing.  

So do you see yourself as a mighty warrior?  Because this is how God sees you…. As his mighty warrior daughter with a strong warrior heart that cannot ever be defeated. 


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