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Breath of God Is God - Lyndall

Introductions are so important when it comes to getting to know someone.
Lyndall introduced us to The Holy Spirit as God.
He is not a force, a spooky spectre or a ghostly being
The Holy Spirit is fully God and is "worshipped and glorified" along with God The Father and God the Son
Lyndal taught us that The Holy Spirit is sent from the Father and Son as:

  • Guide - to lead and counsell us
  • Creator - involved in the creation of all things, referred to in Genesis 1:2
  • Eternal - always existed
  • All Powerfull - can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time
  • All Knowing - nothing surprises Him
  • Speaks - "hear what The Spirit says to the churches" Rev 2:7
  • Intercedes - When we don't know what to pray -Rom 8:26
  • Leads - directed Philip to Ethiopia - Acts 8:26
  • He also: commands, guides, can be lied to, can be insulted, can be blasphemed against and grieved

The Holy Spirit is a real person who has feelings just like us
His main role is to continue the work of Jesus in our lives.
Our response is to trust Him and surrender our lives to Him as He transforms us by His power into the likeness of Jesus
Get to know Him better and you will love Him better

Breath of God Breathes Life - Liz

Bette Midler sang  "God is watching us from a distance..."
However as Liz spoke to us about the Holy Spirit's work in the Old Testament,
God is far from being distant but moving & working right among us.
The Holy Spirit is active & involved in the Kingdom of Israel.
He gave power to the Prophets to speak the Word Of God, heal the sick and even change the weather
Ezekiel was given a vision of the Holy Spirit breathing life into dead bones guaranteeing  that both Israel will rise and be united once again and hope for the future that our bones will not rest in the dust forever but will be raised with life.

  • The Holy Spirit continues to work in our world:
  • pointing people to Jesus
  • giving us power to change
  • bringing new life and strength to weary lives
  • drawing us to God's side
  • helping us to see God's way of seeing things

The Holy Spirit only remains distant when He meets prideful, unrepentant hearts
God is watching us, through His Holy Spirit, up close and personal
Get to know Him today

Breath of God Breathes Fire - Debbie

In Australia, the image of fire is usually associated with fear &  destruction.
However on the day of Pentecost fire is associated with the coming of The Holy  Spirit, who brings hope and new life.
The book of Acts introduces us to the birth of the Christian Church.
In a dramatic way the Holy Spirit arrived amongst a group of believers with:

  • the sound of a rushing wind
  • tongues of fire resting on the heads of each of the believers present
  • the gift of speaking in other languages
  • The unusual events made an impact on a gathering crowd and soon after 3,000 put their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour

The Holy Spirit is given to us:

  • as we accept Jesus into our lives
  • to empower us to speak up for Jesus
  • to "declare the wonders of God"
  • to live courageous lives fighting against the forces of evil in the world

The Day of Pentecost was a remarkable day.
It reminds us that the Christian faith isn't a dry, boring, rule keeping faith but instead an exciting, passionate, supernatural relationship with a personal God.
Be filled with the Spirit!

Breath of God Signs, Seals and Delivers - Rev Trent

Very few things in life are secure.
We can't be sure our good health will last
We can't be sure our loan rates won't rise
We can no longer be sure we'll have the same job when we finish that we started with
We can't be sure marriages will last "till death do us part."
However when it comes to our salvation we can be absolutely sure of God's promise of eternal life if we have put our faith in Jesus Christ.
Rev Trent encouraged us that our guarantee is found in the Holy Spirit

  • His presence in our lives confirms our relationship with the Father
  • His power in our lives confirms our forgiveness by Jesus' death on the cross
  • His promise inour lives is to enable us to live authentic Christian lives

The Holy Spirit gives us power over sin and reassures us of our part in God's blessing
That's something we can be absolutley certain of
Live in the Truth

Breath of God Breathes Power - Jenny H

Smiling (literally) in the face of cancer or picking up your family and leaving the comforts of Australia to live in a resource poor country of Africa, seem to be in the too hard basket for most of us.
When God's call on your life seems impossible how do you choose to say "yes" to God?
Nathan and Jenny shared their experiences with us and taught us that in the power of the Holy Spirit we can do anything that God calls us to do.
The Holy Spirit is given to us so that God can fulfill His purposes through us.
The Scriptures tell us that Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit who gave Him power to resist Satan, preach God's Word, heal the sick and be obedient to death on the cross.
The power of the Holy Spirit isn't given to us for our own self interests of self  fulfillment.
The Holy Spirit is given to us for :
Power to declare our faith in Jesus
Power to help the poor and suffering, caring for their physical and spiritual needs
Power to release captives from spiritual darkness, guilt, nd worldliness
Power to stand out and stand up for those who can't
Power to bring healing through prayer
It's time for God's daughters to release His power on this earth.
What can you choose to say "yes" to today?
Live in the power.

Breath of God Counsels and Comforts - Holly

Stevie Ray Vaughan sang the famous words, "I want to get close to you baby."
Our gorgeous Holly said that's how the Holy Spiriit feels about us.
He wants to be close to us as a comforter and guide.
The Greek word used about The Holy Spirit is, "parakletos" which means a comforter or someone who comes alongside us.
How do we let The Holy Spirit get close to us?
Open the door of our heart to Jesus. Invite Him into every room of our life
Be Still - Come to God daily by reading His Word The Bible and listen to what He has to say
Draw near to Him - press in by spending time in conversation with Him,
Worship Him - pour out words of adoration, wonder and praise
Holly encouraged us to take time out, 15 mins, and do nothing.
Just sit in silence- and wait for the Holy Spirit to speak
We loved her final words, If you really want to enter the silence of God just "show up & shut up"
Otherwise - You do the sitting and let The Holy Spirit do the talking
Let Him get close to you Baby!

Breath of God Meets Resistance - Tony

None of us wants to be controlled by someone else.
We fight against someone wanting to take control of our lives, telling us what we should think, what we should eat, what we should wear.
We like to be our own person and resist the influence of others on our wills.
It's healthy to resist being controlled by people however Christians should desire to be controlled by The Holy Spirit.
When The Holy Spirit is in control of our lives He will direct us to make wise, Godly choices, which will help us live like Jesus.
Tony spoke about the things that stop The Holy Spirit being in control of our lives:
Sin - is like having ice in our pipes in winter. The ice stops the water from flowing.
Like wise sin stops the Holy Spirit from flowing in our lives
Sin can take the forms of: pride, jealousy, bitterness,impatience,unkind words, anger, laziness, selfishness and unforgiveness
Sin quenches the fire of The Holy Spirit in our lives
How can I come under the control of The Holy Spirit?

  • Ask God - God is always willing to fill us
  • Be obedient
  • Confess our sins and desire to change
  • Deny yourself and surrender to God's will

Invite The Holy Spirit to fill you today

Breath of God Transforms Lives - Prue

One of the favourite fairy tales of all times is Cinderella.
It's popularity rests on the fact that we are desperate to see the ordinary transformed into the extra-ordinary.
Our TVs are full of stories of transformation.
They capture our imagination of what something can become with just a little outside help.
The Christian can expect a major transformation when we allow The  Holy Spirit to work in our lives.
Prue told us that He will do more than change us, He will make our lives stand out.
She likened The Holy Spirit to a DSLR (fancy, bells & whistles) camera.
A skillful photographer with the right equipment can turn an ordinary photo into a work of art.
The Holy Spirit can turn our ordinary lives into the image of Jesus
In His hands we will begin to show the fruit of:

  • Love - where others matter more than ourselves
  • Joy - regardless of our circumstances
  • Peace - stillness in the storms of life
  • Patience - able to see others through the eyes of Jesus
  • Kindness - reaching out even to those who are mean
  • Goodness - living to please God
  • Faithfulness - trustworthy obedience, consistenntly reading our Bibles and praying
  • Gentleness - Strength under control
  • Self Control - mastery over our thoughts & actions

Become a work of art as you let The Holy Spirit do some editing and cropping in your life

Breath of God Speaks the Mind of Christ - Mandy

Coming soon...