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Our Vision

Women's Church has developed a vision to "gather women to grow in faith, value and purpose."



Firstly we teach from the Bible to enable Christian women to grow in their faith and understanding of the Lord Jesus, and we provide a weekly opportunity for non-believing women to make a commitment to the Lord. We believe that we can only find forgiveness from God by believing that Jesus Christ was crucified and then resurrected.

His resurrection guarantees that anyone, no matter who they are, what they've done or where they've been may be forgiven and have the hope of eternal life by putting their trust in Jesus and following Him and His commandments.

We believe that a follower of Jesus receives the gift of The Holy Spirit when they believe.                       The Holy Spirit gives us power and incentive to live the Christian life.



Teaching Programs are selected which will encourage women to hear how much God loves and values them regardless of their background. An opportunity for personal prayer is offered at the end of each service to show we care about them and believe God is interested in their needs.



Our aim is to see our women whole and healed and walking confidently in God's plan for their life. Our hope is that our women will reach their full potential as daughters of the Kingdom of God.