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Kids @ Women's Church




Creche is for 0-5 year olds and runs every week in the church hall, from 9.00am to 12 pm. Creche aims to provide an enjoyable and safe childminding service whilst you attend Women's Church. Karina Edgerton, Children's Minister at St John's, coordinates our creche each week. Karina is assisted by 3 helpers who have completed child protection training.

Please ensure your child has the following each week for crèche:

• Morning tea (nut free please) and a drink
• A hat
• Items needed for nappy changes if required
• A change of clothes if your child is toilet trained

Please complete an information form on your first visit. Do let the creche workers know if your child has any allergies or other medical conditions that would affect their level of care. You are welcome to stay to settle your child before you leave to attend Women' s Church. Please be assured that if there any problems the creche workers will notify you.

The cost of creche, including payment to our carers, is taken out of the offertory collected during women's church. You are most welcome to donate money during the offertory to assist covering the cost of the carers.

Please be considerate of others. If your child is sick or you suspect they may be sick, or they have vomited or had diarrhoea in the previous 24 hours, please do not leave them in creche.