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Frequently Asked Questions


What would you like to know about Women's Church?


  • What kinds of prayer services do you offer?

There is an opportunity to offer corporate prayers and private prayers during the service. After the service, there is also an opportunity to pray specifically with one of the leaders.  

  • Will I have the opportunity to talk with a minister?
Yes , of course, after the service Tony Galea will be more than happy to grab a cuppa and have a chat! Specific times can be arranged if more one on one consultation is requested.
  • Will I have an opportunity to meet and talk with other women?

Yes, there will be women who will welcome you at the door and help you to connect with other women.  After the service, there is an opportunity to get to know others during morning tea and life groups.

  • If my child gets upset in creche, will they bring him/her up to me?

Yes. Karina will ensure that your child is happy and content. If your child becomes upset and cannot be comforted, Karina will walk your child up to the church and bring him/her to you.

  • Can I keep my baby with me in church?

Yes of course. If you feel more comfortable with your baby or child with you, it is certainly acceptable for them to remain in church with you.


If you have an enquiry, just e-mail us:

or give us a call at the church office (02) 4655 1675, we will be happy to answer all of your questions!